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The Isles Of Scilly provide a rare opportunity to interact with a diverse, vibrant community, inspired by natures rich kaleidoscope of beauty & power, steeped in history & proud in tradition.

For the visiting family, Scilly provides a world full of colour, character & imagination - in essence, the magic of scilly!

Children love getting close to nature exploring amongst the rock pools, hidden coves & sandy beaches. Older children relish the adventure of nature trails, hiring bikes, snorkelling & diving in our crystal clear waters. 

Visit Carreg Dhu Community Garden - developed from an old quarry, tucked into a quiet, sheltered spot & boasts a wide variety of sub-tropical plants, shrubs, & trees. 

Have a family adventure exploring the history of the Garrison & it's battlements, some dating from the 1600's, or head inland to discover glorious wildlife & ancient monuments hidden in the countryside.


Keeping with the adventure theme why not take a day trip to another Island, Tresco perhaps & discover The Abbey Gardens or visit Cromwell's Castle amongst other attractions.  

Maybe spend the day on a sandy beach on St. Martin's, take in a vineyard tour & in the evening return to St. Mary's to cheer on the racing gig cews, indulging in an ice cream whilst watching a glorious scilly sunset.

With its clear water, abundant wildlife & many shipwrecks, Scilly offers some of the finest diving sites in the UK for both the novice and experienced diver. Some of the greatest numbers of old shipwrecks in Britain are found in the waters around the Scillies, the islands also boast 27 sites of Special Scientific Interest. 

There are several diving organisations on the islands who offer a range of undersea experiences & guided dives. 

Windsurfing, sailing & kayaking equipment, dinghies & wetsuits can be hired from a number of outlets across the islands.

Our coastlines are a place of wild walks, stunning views & big open skies. History & nature has helped shape & inspire our growing & exciting arts scene. A wealth of creative opportunities is available, including painting, photography, pottery, sculpture & jewellery design. 

A number of craft workshops offer the opportunity to learn new or improve your existing skills. Local artists work can be viewed, admired & purchased from a number of galleries across the islands.

If you fancy some live entertainment, evenings & nights on the Islands provide an eclectic mix of entertainment for all ages & tastes. Across the islands a variety of bands play anything from jazz, folk, blues to rock & there are numerous plays, concerts & comedies to enjoy throughout the Summer.

Whether you choose to eat in or dine out, Scilly has an island wide reputation for its fresh local produce, including fish, lobsters, crabs, meat, eggs, vegetables, bread & butter. Locally produced beer, wine, ice cream, jam and fudge, all make for perfect picnics & brilliant barbecues.

Or if you fancy a bit of a traditional treat, enjoy home made scones with clotted cream or a pasty for lunch whilst watching the world go by from one of the many cafes dotted around the islands.

There is something for everyone on Scilly, that's the magic! 

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